Authentic Latin Cuisine | Miami

Want to serve authentic Latin cuisine at your event?

Founded years ago, we offer mouth-watering Latin cuisine.

Friendly Team

Host your corporate or private event in a Latin style! Hire PARILLADAS TO GO for the catering. We specialize in serving authentic Latin cuisine at affordable prices.

Committed to delivering an experience worth remembering, our friendly team pours their hearts and souls into every dish! Rest assured that our food is always fresh and delicious.

Additionally, we can serve Kosher dishes upon request.

We can serve Kosher dishes upon request

Authentic Latin Cuisine Miami-Dade
Authentic Latin Cuisine Miami Beach

Quality and Consistency

Perfect for family gatherings, private events, birthday parties, and more, PARILLADAS TO GO offers catering services. Our cooking showcases Latin flavors, always using the highest quality ingredients.

Driven by the desire to deliver quality, consistency, and unparalleled services, our staff is attentive to your needs and makes it a priority to prepare orders exactly the way you want. Moreover, our menu is geared towards both children and adults! 

Our menu is geared towards both children and adults


What Sets Us Apart?

  • Everything is freshly prepared
  • Dedicated and highly skilled team
  • Customer-focused
  • We cater for 30 to 1000, or more guests

To hire our services: